Five of Our Favourite… Winter Warmers

Groundhog day. We all know the story. If Punxsutawney Phil spots his shadow, we’re in for 6 more weeks of winter. Well, we haven’t really had much of a winter, or any snow (yet!) here in London, and only Phil knows what is round the corner.

So if he does retreat back into his hole and you’re left panicking about how to keep warm during your February wedding, why not check out these beautiful handmade finds; from a lace jacket to a tulle shrug and shawl, an angel wing cape or even cotton crochet cuffs. Guaranteed to keep you snug while still warming the cockles of your man’s heart.

Loads of love, TWB x

Lace Jacket

This beautiful keyhole back jacket is made from ivory Alençon lace. It’s so delicate and feminine, and would look perfect contrasted with an understated dress. You can buy it directly here.

Tulle & Pearl Shrug

Add even more glamour to your wedding dress with this cute layered tulle shrug. Custom order yours here.

Tulle Shawl

You can never have enough tulle! It’s such an elegant fabric and you’ll keep yourself and your husband-to-be warm with this endless piece. Buy it here.

Satin & Tulle Cape

We’re loving this charming angel winged cape, perfect with a vintage inspired wedding dress. Commission your caplet here.

Cotton Crochet Cuffs

These are so romantic. Every bride needs a pair of Victorian crochet cuffs, they’re to die for! Buy yours here.

One Response to “Five of Our Favourite… Winter Warmers”
  1. Loving this post! So many options! And you didn’t even have to mention a muff or a cape (although they’re wonderful) it’s great to see so many options in one place!! And why do we all love tulle so much! 🙂

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