Crazy in Love

There’s nothing more romantic than forbidden love, but as far as wedding ceremonies go, we couldn’t think of anything more bonkers than this one! Taking place today at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Southwest China, inseparable Changmao the ram and Chunzi the doe will be saying “I do” at their very own wedding ceremony.

However, Changmao hasn’t exactly been the perfect partner after he recently fathered a baby lamb with the zoo’s only female sheep. Zookeepers thought it best that Changmao remain with his new family until he became violent towards them. Chunzi on the other hand couldn’t bear to be without her beloved Changmao and squeezed herself through the fence just so she could be with him.

The pair have been raised together in the park and first became affectionate towards each other when Chunzi frequently began grooming Changmao’s hair and Changmao displayed threatening behaviour to any deer that dared approach his doe.

Not quite your typical Romeo and Juliet story, but enough to make you say “baa”, oops we mean “aah”…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Images courtesy of STR / AFP/ Getty Images.


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