Leap Year Love

If your man needs a kick up the bum regarding a marriage proposal then don’t miss your opportunity today to take advantage of 2012’s leap year.

Traditionally, women can propose to men on the 29th February as it is considered a day that has no legal status, therefore no traditional status either. So many women take advantage and propose to the man they want to marry.

For anyone not familiar with the history behind this day, it is a tradition that dates back to an old Irish legend from the 5th Century, and involves St. Patrick and a nun named St. Bridget. It was St. Bridget that petitioned St. Patrick on behalf of all women that they should have a more active role in being able to choose their husbands, and as a result, women were granted the right to propose to men once every four years.

Did you know that in Scotland, a law once existed that forbid a man to refuse a proposal that was made to him by a woman. And if he did, he would be punished for such an offence with a large fine!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves down on one knee and ask that burning question, just don’t let him see this vintage postcard warning men of the fruits of marriage…

Good luck! x

Image courtesy of It’s My Cake.


Cover image (as shown above in full) courtesy of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. XX, January 1852, Vol. IV via New-York Historical Society Museum & Library.


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